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About Craps

Keeping track of all the possible bets in a Craps game can be overwhelming for novices. It's recommended that new players stick to the pass line bet until the other bets start to make more sense and the player becomes more comfortable with the game as a whole.

It's nice to dream, but there is no grand strategy that can reduce the house's edge to a tiny percentage, as there is in Blackjack. But there are smart bets and bets that should be avoided. Generally the options in the middle of the table, single roll bets, are considered sucker bets due to the fact that they are the only bets that are deteremined by a single roll of the dice and the long odds they have. Always stick to the rest of the table, leave the sucker bets to the suckers.

For more in-depth discussions of how to play Craps and the various ways that people have found of winning at Craps regularly, check out the books listed on the right.

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